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Seminar on New Economy of the Huanglong Business Area Held in West Lake District


 What is the “New Economy” mentioned in the government work report of this year? How to develop that? The West Lake District government held a seminar themed by “New Economy, New Business Forms, New Huanglong” on New Economy of the Huanglong Business Area in the Huanglong Vanke Central Plaza with Vanke Group by means of expert discussions to explore the development of “New Economy” in the future.

 “Xingshanghui”, a service platform built by Vanke Group for helping starting up business and innovation, shared the understanding about how enterprises integrating “New Economy” with participants firstly in the forum. A relevant principal of “Xingshanghui”, settling in the Huanglong Vanke Center by Canhigh and Vanke, introduced that “our member enterprises are mostly top 500 in the world and in China. We will contribute professional abilities of Vanke to support the innovation and entrepreneurship development in West Lake District and Hangzhou in aspects like finance, talents and space.” 

 Huanglong’s role in Hangzhou is like Lujiazui in Shanghai. Huanglong is the place where high-end buildings in Hangzhou gather, the true place of origin for business center and also the indicator of economy for Hangzhou in two decades.      

 Huanglong Vanke Center by Canhigh and Vanke, covering a total land area of about 87 thousand square meters and an overall floorage of about 400 thousand square meters, is located in the southwest side of the intersection of Wen San Road and Xueyuan Road and at the important place of Huanglong International Business Center. It is the first large-scale merchant-operated project with special meaning in the ten-year business process of Vanke Hangzhou Company. Vanke takes this center as engine and “innovation of knowledge city” as concept to comprehensively create the new Huanglong commercial ecosystem by updating supporting space of the city and activating the value of regional plates.

 It is reported that several other sections like private enterprises, elderly care, home decoration, logistics, education and finance are also about to settle into the center besides “Xingshanghui” and Vanke Real Estate. Thus it can be seen that several industrial resources like advanced technologies, high-end manufacturing and service industry (including law, finance, culture and etc.) will be interacted without boundary in this center.

 For example, a large number of education programs will enter this center, providing education services for children of workers in this region; forums and salons related to financial investment and emerging technology will be held to experience new results of services and technologies; meanwhile, space for Maker and the incubation platform of industry-university-research cooperation will also be established, providing the group of business starters with the service of checking in without anything but a bag.

 In addition, in this new economy forum, Zhejiang Vanke Rowing Club also announced to officially enter into Huanglong Vanke Center by Canhigh and Vanke. As an important part of Vanke composite real estate, the sports field represented by Zhejiang Vanke Rowing Club will become a vital powerful point, enriching the urban residential ideal.

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