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Major Foreign-Funded Projects Released by West Lake District Government in Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium


 Recently, the 18th China Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium, the 15th China International Consumer Goods Fair and the 2nd China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo (collectively called “the Three Meetings”) cosponsored by China’s Ministry of Commerce and people’s government of Zhejiang were held in Ningbo. The bureau of commerce of West Lake District attended all activities in this symposium themed by “be open, innovation and embrace opportunity”. The contract on equity merger and acquisition project of Guangsha Medical Technology introduced in this year as a key project in Hangzhou has been signed successfully.

 “The Three Meetings” in 2016 were held in the context of the national “The Belt and Road Initiative” strategy and Yangtze River Economic Zone strategy being fully implemented. With the theme of “Deepening Collaboration for Win-Win Results”, negotiation on investment, trade show, conferences and people-to-people exchanges these four sections which include 54 key activities were held, promoting forcefully the establishment of economic and trade cooperation between China and central and eastern European countries as well as Zhejiang’s communication and cooperation level with other countries. The amount of innovation activities, level of guests, degree of internationalization and the external influence of “the Three Meetings” in 2016 exceed those before. The West Lake District takes full advantage of the provincial-level platform resource superiority and seeks for opportunities of attracting investment by a series of activities. The economy and trade delegation of West Lake District led and organized by Lou Jun, the director general of Business Bureau of West Lake District, attended activities in sessions of “the Three Meetings”, like Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium Forum, the fifth Overseas Young Chinese Merchant Entrepreneurial Innovation Cooperation Forum and 2016 Zhejiang International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Forum.

 In the preparatory period of Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium, our district classed the equity merger and acquisition project of Guangsha Medical Technology as a key foreign investment project to boost in the West Lake District and a “key foreign-funded project for city leaders’ connection”. Meanwhile, it supported the cooperation between Guangsha Medical Technology and Hony Capital as well as law firm to increase the intensity of examination and approval service and accelerate the speed of foreign capital investment, so that the contract on it can be successfully signed in the Zhejiang major projects signing ceremony of the Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium. Zhejiang Guangsha Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangsha Holding Group Co., Ltd and Hony Capital—a member enterprise of Legend Holdings Ltd.—is introduced in this time, purchasing all stock rights of Guangsha Medical Technology by means of equity merger and acquisition.

  During the symposium, the Bureau of Commerce of the West Lake District fully explored effective resources, boosted the investment projects in terms vigorously, advertised and communicated the symposium carefully by virtue of the favorable chances of foreign investment in the symposium.


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