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Seminar on Fixed-Asset Investments Convened in West Lake District


  A seminar on fixed-asset investments was convened in West Lake District in the forenoon of June 15, as relevant situations were reported and requirements for future work were raised. Wang Lihua, the secretary of West Lake District Committee, delivered a speech; leaders of the district, Sun Guofang, Zhu Huan, Chen Wei, Zheng Guomei and Chen Xinghao, attended the seminar.

Wang Lihua showed her affirmation for the results achieved this year firstly. She pointed out that a certain work effect had been made since West Lake District has been carefully implementing all deployment, fully accelerating project construction and comprehensively expanding effective investment by taking commencement of work in land block project and coordination in continued construction projects as breakthrough. There are also still some weaknesses and problems like insufficient attention, inadequate knowledge, deficient cooperation in work, delayed communication with superiors and low executive force although some results have been achieved.

  Wang emphasized that tasks of the following five aspects are supposed to be focused on and accomplished as key points with firm confidence and multiple methods, to win the semi-annual tough fights together. The first thing is to stick to the target. Hold on to the investment goals of the first half year and firmly carry out the continued construction project investment and keep a close eye on key platform construction. As for those relatively lagging projects, related departments should pay as much attention as possible to them and focus on solving bottleneck problems, ensuring that all kinds of problems impeding the projects can be discovered and solved timely, so as to catch up with goals in progress. The second is to fully perform the “Five Strengths in One”. Holding up to the “Five Strengths in One” mechanism and coordination mechanism for solving problem, the leaders of all departments and persons in charge of the area should take give priority to this task and give commands at the front with the spirit of “finishing tasks one by one”, so as to inspire inferiors and solve problems with right approaches, steadily boosting the fixed-asset investment. The third is to communicate results with each other.

   Relevant functional departments shall be centered on the set purpose with intensified coordination and cooperation to guarantee the actual results of fixed-asset investment work. The fourth is to refine responsibilities and make them clear. Enhance the sense of duty and urgency, carry out responsibilities further and formulate powerful measures for work against time and strive to fulfill the set goal with forceful implementation. The fifth is to remove obstacles and advance rapidly. The thought of a board of chess in the whole district should be established. Pay adequate attention to the fixed-asset investment in line with requirements for the goal and refine aims and tasks to drive all kinds of projects rapidly; manage the project construction with greater determination, stronger confidence and more forceful measures to ensure the overall completion of goal of the fixed-asset investment work tasks this year for our district.

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