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Xixi Valley Internet Financial Town Attracts Over 300 Enterprises to Settle in


  It was learnt from the construction headquarters of Xixi Valley the other day that 20% pile foundation of the e-business bank project in Xixi Valley has been finished. This is the core project of Internet Financial Town’s industry development in Xixi Valley, as the planned land area is 132.849 mu and planned floorage area is about 320 thousand square meters.

  “To accelerate the project construction, we have been actively helping the enterprises to coordinate and conduct the project construction procedures all the time. Last month, we solved the entrance and exit problems of shop trucks with units like urban management bureau of West Lake District and the construction side, clearing away obstacles impeding the project construction”, introduced by a relevant principal of the construction headquarters of Xixi Valley. What is known is that this project serves as the only big tax source in the financial industry in Xixi Valley and the tax payment which has been put into the treasury has added up to 50.76 million yuan.

  This year, buildings are built up with an overall consideration in Xixi Valley and enterprises wanting to settle in will be strictly audited in advance, so that the enterprises related to internet financial industry can be perfectly brought in relying on enterprises like Alibaba and Cerberus. The number of enterprises in the Xixi Valley Internet Financial Town has added up to 326 so far and another 16 enterprises will enter into the town this year. The enterprises of internet financial industry primarily led by Alibaba pay tax of 1.2 billion yuan, with the growth on a year-on-year basis reaches 40%, accounting for 66% of the total taxes paid by the town.  

  “Then we will spare no effort to boost the construction of key projects, accelerate land acquisition and relocation, perfect infrastructures and manage the construction of platforms like Fund Dock by Cerberus in Taoyuanwu and X-WORK the creative platform in Qianjiang Xixi new building, to lay a more firm foundation for the development of internet financial industry in Xixi Valley”, said the principal.


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