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Jiuqu Hongmei Tea


  Jiuqu Hongmei, called “Jiuqu Hong” for short, is another traditionally competitive product of West Lake District and a treasure in black tea. It is produced beside the Qiantang River, that is, in surroundings like Hubu, Shangbao, Zhangyu, Fengjia, Shejin, Shangyang and Renqiao these southwest suburbs of Hangzhou. The tea produced on Dawu Mountain in Hubu, which is called Jiuqu Wulong, is particularly good and subordinates to black tea. When it is boiled, the liquor of Jiuqu Wulong tea is brightly red like red plum (Chinese name: Hongmei), that is why it is called Jiuqu Hongmei.

  In May 2014, the Research Institute on Jiuqu Hongmei Tea (an exhibition building for tea culture) was opened in the West Lake of Hangzhou, and this exhibition building is situated in the main origin place of Jiuqu Hongmei Tea, Shuangling Village of Shuangpu Town.   

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