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West Lake Longjing Tea


  West Lake Longjing Tea gained the name for coming from the Longjing Tea area in West Lake of Hangzhou, China. As one of the top ten famous teas of China, Longjing Tea has a history of more than 1,200 years and was ranked as top grade in Ming Dynasty and tribute in Qing Dynasty by Emperor Shunzhi. When the Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty visited the West Lake of Hangzhou, he highly praised the Longjing Tea and dubbed the eighteen tea trees in front of Hugong Temple at the foot of Shifeng Mountain “imperial tea”. West Lake Longjing Tea is green tea and one kind of the green flat tea, whose quality characteristic is flat and smooth. Due to the different producing areas and preparations, the green flat tea is classified into three types: Longjing Tea, Qiqiang and Dafang. West Lake Longjing Tea can be divided into eight grades from 1 to 8 according to its shape and quality. The tea produced on Shifeng Mountain is the best and is famed as “the Best of Longjing Tea” for its tender yellow and everlasting fragrance; the tea produced in Longjing Village is tender and thick with emerging shoot tip and stronger fragrance of tea; the tea produced in Meijiawu shows the exquisite workmanship. The last one is jade green and as flat and smooth as a nail. When it is boiled, the liquor will show dark green with a fresh and brisk taste.  

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