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Beishan Sub-district



  Beishan Subdistrict, situated in the center of Hangzhou, starts from West Huancheng Road in the east; in east-west line, bordering on the management committee of West Lake Scenic Spot, it begins from the Xiayi Lane of Baoshi Mountain and stops at the east side of West Lake Primary School along with the Baoshi Mountain ridge; the subdistrict is near to Lingyin Subdistrict from Hangda Road and Shuguang Road in the west, and then connects Xixi Subdistrict along with Tianmu Road in the north. The area under administration is of 2.49 square kilometers, as there are 7 community’s neighborhood committees at present, which respectively are Shangbao, Baoshi, Youyi, Yanshanhe, Quyuan, Songmuchang and Jinzhu.  

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