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Lingyin Sub-district



  Founded in November 1964, Lingyin Subdistrict of West Lake District lies in the northwest of Hangzhou downtown and is close to the West Lake Scenic Spot. With the present area being 6 square kilometers, the subdistrict has 15 thousand families and the total population is about 50 thousand, including 37.6 thousand permanent residents. There are 7 communities and 3 share economy cooperatives, as the former includes Dongshanlong, Zheda Qiushi Community, Shuguang, Qingfeng, Yuquan, Yellow Dragon and 117 and the latter includes Yellow Dragon, Qingfeng and Yuquan. Containing more than 500 units, such as Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Yellow Dragon Sports Center, Zhejiang World Trade Center, Liberation Army’s 117 Hospital and Hangzhou Botanical Garden, the subdistrict is an important scenic zone, a district of culture and education, the core block of Yellow Dragon International Business Area, a residential zone   full of provincial and municipal politicians, celebrities and specialists and also a station of the West Lake District committee and the district government.

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