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Liuxia Sub-district



  Liuxia Subdistrict, located at the west of West Lake District, has a long history and Emperor Gaozong in the South Song Dynasty wanted to found a capital here. He said that stay (liuxia in Chinese) here for Xixi and it then became the name of a town there. In November 2007, the town was removed and a subdistrict was founded in the adjustment of administrative division, leaving Liuxia Subdistrict. Liuxia is connected to the West Lake and Gudang in the east, adjacent to Longwu of Zhuantang Subdistrict in the south, borders on Jiangcun and Wuchang of Yuhang District in the north, meets Xianlin of Yuhang District in the west and Fuyang in the southwest. It is seamlessly connected with the West Lake Scenic Spot and Xixi Wetland Park, as they are “being combined harmoniously”.

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