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Wenxin Sub-district



  Officially founded in January 1999, Wenxin Subdistrict of West Lake District has 12 communities and 3 share economic cooperatives under administration, as the former contains Hupan, Dejia, Fuxin, Jingzhou, Xiangzhang, Qinya, Nandu, Xingzhou, Jinle, Guihuayuan Park, New Jindu and Dengyunxu and the latter includes Wulian, Luojiazhuang and Dengyunxu. The area under administration is of 5.05 square kilometers. The subdistrict, meeting Gudang Subdistrict and Cuiyuan Subdistrict in the east, close to the Science Park of Zhejiang University in the south, bordering on Xixi National Wetland Park in the west and higher-education compact district of the Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University in the north, has more than 60 residential communities in it with 120 thousand people. It is one of the biggest modern living and commercial zones in the west of Hangzhou.

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