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Xixi Sub-district



  Xixi Subdistrict, at the center of Hangzhou and the northeast of West Lake District, is adjacent to Moganshan Road and Gongshu District in the east and faces the municipal government across the street, connects Cuiyuan Subdistrict in the west by Jiaogong Road, borders on Lingyini and Beishan Subdistricts in the south by Tianmushan Road, meets Gongshu District by Yuhangtang River in the north. The area of Xixi Subdistrict is 3.02 square kilometers and the traffic there extends in all directions, enjoying the exceptional advantage of transportation: there are 15 main roads in the subdistrict: Wen Yi Road, Wen Er Road, Wen San Road and Tianmushan Road in the east-west line and Jiaogong Road, north Baochu Road, Macheng Road and Moganshan Road in the north-south line, as all of them are vital communication lines in the center of Hangzhou.  

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