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Zhuantang Sub-district



  With approvals of the people’s government of both Zhejiang and Hangzhou, Zhuantang Town and Longwu Town were revoked and then formed the Zhuantang Subdistrict together, also including Shanhusha, Wuyun and Menghu 3 communities which belonged to Lingyin Subdistrict office before. After adjustments, Zhuantang Subdistrict, starting from Qiantang River in the east, close to Fuyang in the west, adjacent to Shuangpu Town in the south and Liuxia Subdistrict in the north, has a total area of 78 square kilometers. With nearly 50 thousand permanent residents, more than 50 thousand migrants, 24 communities and 18 administrative villages under administration, Zhuantang Town is the subdistrict with the biggest area and the largest number of villages (communities) under administration as well as the most abundant resources of mountain forests in the West Lake District.  

   With profound cultural deposits, the subdistrict is full of numerous places of historical interest like the ancient seawall and bridges; institutions of higher education like China Academy of Art, Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology and Party School of Municipal Party Committee also gather here; the green mountains and rivers are interspaced with large-scale places of recreation like Longwu Tea Village, the Qing Valley Scenic Spot, the White Dragon Pool Scenic Spot, Zhijiang International Golf Course and Song Dynasty Town; furthermore, high-end villa areas and residence zones assemble; science parks, creative industry centers and headquarters economy are advancing day by day; it gradually becomes the holy place for travel and leisure as well as the paradise for inhabitancy and entrepreneurship in the west of Hangzhou.  

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