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Hangzhou Silk



  Hangzhou silk, with a long history, is light and soft in texture and gorgeous in color. The great varieties include ten-odd types like silk fabric, satin, ghatpot and tough silk and so on, as the most famous brands are the Great Wall, HSDP SILK, WENSLI, Kaidi, Sihuang and etc.

  At present, mainly fourteen categories of silk are produced in Hangzhou, including silk fabric, satin, cotton, thin silk cloth, crape, ghatpot, silk gauze and so on; there are over two hundred varieties and two thousand varieties of designs. With novelty pictures, luxurious feelings, well-arranged flowers and plants and vivid figures, many products have received national or provincial awards for high-quality products and been sold in more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

  Dujinsheng is undoubtedly the first brand for Hangzhou silk. Dujinsheng Silk Plant was established in 1922 and the biggest export enterprise producing silk handiworks in China. It mainly produces landscape paintings, desk carpets, back cushions, curtains and brocade apparel fabrics, as the products are gorgeous and elegant and are praised as “the flower of oriental art” by foreign friends.

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