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Hangzhou West Bus Station


  Hangzhou West Bus Station was officially opened on October 1, 2002. With a floor area of 32 thousand square meters, the station sends out more than 340 buses every day, as the routes covers regions like Tonglu, Chun’an, Xin’an River, Longyou, Xuzhou, Jiangshan, Changshan, Kaihua in Zhejiang, Shexian, Tunxi and Huangshan in Anhui, Nanchang, JDZ, Shangrao, Jiujiang, Boyang and Yushan in Jiangxi as well as Wuhan and so on. It holds a passenger capacity of more than 20 thousand people every day. In September 2004, according to the bus line adjustment by the group company, the West Bus Station added more than one hundred buses every day and the passenger traffic volume rose to more than 6000 people from less than 4000 before. At present, services like booking tickets by phone, consulting by phone, self-help collection of online tickets, trusteeship for the aged and children as well as consignment of fast freights and luggage have been launched in the West Bus Station. For years, Hangzhou West Bus Station has been keeping updating facilities and enhancing technological contents in the enterprise with the help and support from the group company. The computers there are interconnected with the ticket system and can sell bus tickets for buses departing from Hangzhou East Bus Station, South Station, West Station and North Station, making it greatly convenient for passengers buying tickets; in addition, the successful achievement of the online self-help ticket booking system and implementation of related supporting facilities in the station like the automatic ticket collecting machine provide a safe, convenient and fast ticket booking method with the first-rate service further. The waiting room is quite large and bright with the central air-conditioning, making it cozy for passengers waiting buses. Furthermore, many modern tools like ticket checking system with bar code, X-ray detector, luggage electronic metering, monitoring system, fire alarm system and full-automatic carwash are applied in the station to serve our passengers.

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