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Recommendation on Tour Route of Two-Day Trip in the West Lake of Hangzhou


  Recommendation on Tour Route of Two-Day Trip in Hangzhou:

  D1: the Broken Bridge—the Bai Causeway—the West Lake—Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden—Yue Fei Temple—Hefang Street

  D2: Lingyin Temple—Three Pools Mirroring the Moon—Fish Viewing at the Huagang Harbor—Hupao Spring—Liuhe Pagoda

  Broken Bridge with Thawing Snow, a famous scenic spot and the most well-known bridge in the West Lake, is famous for its indistinct bridge floor on the lake surface in winter snow and belongs to the Ten Views of the West Lake. Travelers can walk along the Bai Causeway or rent a bicycle to ride with friends, enjoying the breeze pleasantly.

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