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Plenary (Enlarged) Meeting of the Xihu District Government


On the afternoon of July 31, the Plenary (Enlarged) Meeting of the Xihu District Government was held to implement the spirit of the 7th Plenary (Enlarged) Meeting of the 9th CPC Hangzhou Xihu District Committee, summarize and review the work in the first half year, study and deploy the work in the second half year. Gao Guofei, Deputy Secretary of District Committee, and District Mayor made a speech. District leaders, Wang Jian, Chen Xiaoxiang, Zhang Liqun, Ma Pinfang, Chen Bailei, Chai Wenle, Qian Zhiqing, Miao Lingrong, Dong Qingyuan, He Jiaxin, Wang Bo and Ding Qinghuai attended.

Gao Guofei first gave full affirmation to the achievements obtained in the first half of the year. He pointed out that in this year, under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the District Committee, the whole district held high the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of Central Government, Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou, focused on the goal of accelerating the development of building Xihu District into the “Three All-rounds” priority district (all-round well-off, all-round beauty and all-round happiness), focused on new requirements of “Six Highs” (High quality development, high standard of beauty, high level of governance, high-quality life, high demand for deep reform, high-quality team), and deepened “Five Great Action” (great visits, great investigation, great publicity, great implementation, and great promotion). Remarkable achievements had been made in various economic and social undertakings.

Gao Guofei requested that in the next stage, we should focus on the annual targets and tasks set by the District Government, stay focused on the target, make the focal points stand out, work together to tackle the problem in a clear goal, and resolutely win six tough battles. The first was to resolutely win the tough battle of business environment. Driven by the reform of “One-stop Service” and “Three Services” (serving the community, the masses and the overall situation), efforts should be made to make achievements in five aspects, namely, environment for administrative approval service, industrial agglomeration environment, policy environment, platform environment and service environment for enterprises. The second was to resolutely win the tough battle of risks solution. Guidance on enterprise management should be strengthened and risk control should be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations to reduce business risks and hidden risks at the source. The third was to resolutely win the tough battle of the ecological environment. The annual task of “Beautiful Xihu Action” should be further completed with full efforts while the Central and Provincial Environmental Supervision and Inspection Work was successfully completed. The fourth was to resolutely win the tough battle of project development. We should continue to push forward major projects, strengthen the guarantee of factors, and increase investment attraction. The fifth was to resolutely win the tough battle of urban construction and management. We should further refine urban management, continue to push forward the long-term management of urban-rural integration, and make Xihu District a really beautiful place. The sixth was to resolutely win the tough battle for people’s livelihood. First of all, we should complete ten practical projects related to people’s livelihood with good quality and quantity, as well as provincial and municipal government projects involving the livelihood of the people in Xihu District. Secondly, we should comprehensively improve the brand of Xihu’s livelihood with the future community construction as an opportunity.

Gao Guofei stressed, under the strong leadership of the District Party Committee and the supervision and support of the District People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, all departments and neighborhoods should stay true to the mission and strengthen their political responsibility, be good at overall planning, dare to tackle with practical and tough problem, adhere to laws and regulations, give high priority to quality and efficiency, work hard in the second half of the year, and forge ahead in doing business, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with outstanding achievements.

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