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Zhang Genming’s Chairing of the Promotion Meeting on the “One-stop Service” Reform and Special Action of “Integrating Humanization, Ecologization and Digitalization”


On the morning of August 22, Zhang Genming, Party Secretary of District Committee chaired and hosted the Promotion Meeting on the “One-stop Service” Reform and Special Action of “Integrating Humanization, Ecologization and Digitalization”. He listened to the report and deployed the work in the next stage. District leaders Wu Xiangqian, Chen Xiaoxiong, Ma Pinfang, and Ma Dongjuan attended.

Zhang Genming pointed out that “One-stop Service” Reform was the concrete action to implement the people-centered development concept and deepen the reform of “streamlining administration and delegating power, fair supervision and efficient service”. We should continue to optimize the service process, strengthen the service awareness, improve the service experience, and promote the in-depth development of “One-stop Service” Reform. We should keep a close eye on the provincial and municipal “One-stop Service” assessment tasks, and check, maintain, verify and update various indicators completed by the unit on the “display platform” of DingTalk every day, so as to ensure compliance with provincial and municipal time nodes and task requirements. For matters requiring approval by superior departments, we should strictly check, perform real-time tracking and immediate feedback, and after completion, we should promptly inform the masses of the results and the pickup method. For “commitment” matters, we should set a reasonable time limit for handling commitments, handle them in a timely manner and fulfill them on time.

Zhang Genming stressed that the Municipal Party Committee attached great importance to the progress of Action of “Integrating Humanization, Ecologization and Digitalization”, relevant major leaders should do all themselves and take the lead, and relevant departments should raise awareness, effectively implement and accurately grasp the relationship between the core data assessment of “Internet + Government Service”, the construction of Xihu platform for “City Brain” and the digital construction of Yunqi Town, so as to carry out the work in the better and faster manner. We should improve our ability and level of handling, using and analyzing data, give full play to the role of data, and endow digits new functions. We should strengthen independent research and development, hire professionals to join in the research and development of the Xihu platform for “City Brain”, so as to complete the platform construction with high level and high quality. We should effectively integrate the data of various departments, actively promote the creation, development and application of the platform, and promote work more conveniently and effectively.

Zhang Genming stressed that three aspects of work should be done well in the next step. The first was to improve the instance. We should thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of Provincial and Municipal Party Committees and Governments, continually improve and perfect the way we work, perform active research and effective implementation, make “One-stop Service” Reform effectively serve enterprises and the masses, and promote the “One-stop Service” reform to take the lead in the city. The second was to do it ourselves. We should attach great importance to and accelerate our efforts to become the principal participant, chief designer and chief architect to implement the Action of “Integrating Humanization, Ecologization and Digitalization” in Xihu District, and we should base ourselves on department functions, to actively put forward ideas and plans for constructing Xihu platform for “City Brain” so as to fully reflect the characteristics and achievements of Xihu District. The third was to adhere to the “three orientation”. We should be goal-oriented, problem-oriented and results-oriented, clarify the objectives and tasks, carefully find out the existing problems and deficiencies, and implement practical solutions, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

At the meeting, Zhang Genming also made the specific deployment of relevant work.

Before the meeting, Zhang Genming and his team visited Xihu District Tax Service Hall and Administrative Service Hall of District Audit and Management Office to conduct on-site research on the work of “one-stop service” for tax service and the reform of “One-stop Service”, as well as the work of “One-stop” operation of specialized windows for normalized enterprises.

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