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Xihu District: Detail the Prevention and Control Measures, and Resume Work Stably and Orderly


On the afternoon of 11 February, Gao Guofei (Secretary of District Committee) and Dong Yumin (Vice Secretary of District Committee and Acting District Mayor) led teams to investigate the work resumption situations of enterprises respectively.

Gao Guofei (Secretary of District Committee) visited Beishan Sub-district, Gudang Sub-district and Cuiyuan Sub-district to conduct field research on the situations of epidemic prevention and work resumption, and to supervise enterprises to conduct epidemic prevention. The district leader Ma Pinfang was present.

It was the first day for Hangzhou Branch of Bank of Ningbo to open for business after getting the work resumption certificate. In the branch of Baochu Road, Gao Guofei investigated the epidemic prevention schemes of the bank for regions like the ATM, customer waiting area and clerk counter. He asked the responsible person of the bank to measure the body temperature of clients visiting the bank and workers on duty. Besides, they were required to wear safety devices, to fully guarantee the health and safety of clients and workers, and to effectively build a defense line to resist the epidemic. He expected that the bank could serve the enterprises, support the stable production and operation of small and micro enterprises, and reduce the influence of the epidemic on enterprises to the greatest extent.

At present, more than 300 hospitals in China are using the consumable supply chain management platform of Hangzhou Thothinfo Technology Co., Ltd. Gao Guofei visited this company, and investigated the epidemic prevention work, enterprise products, selling, market and employment situations of this enterprise in detail. Gao Guofei pointed out that the enterprise should be careful to guarantee epidemic prevention. The enterprise must firmly establish the concept of “safety first”, detail the prevention and control measures, disinfect the office space, measure the employees’ temperature, resume work orderly on the premise of protecting employees’ safety, and made contributions to epidemic prevention.

“How do you arrange the epidemic prevention work?” “How many workers come to their positions?” “What difficulties and needs are you faced with?”…… In Hangzhou Qianjiang Refrigeration Group Co., Ltd., Gao Guofei entered the office area, and inspected the situations of mask wearing and office area disinfection. He asked the responsible person to guide employees to go back orderly, and to take prevention and control measures of real-name registration, scattered dining, sterilization and disinfection, and emergency disposal.

After the forehead temperature is measured, the group led by Gao Guofei entered the office space of Nacity Service Group Co., Ltd. After knowing about the situations of workers at the production line and mask allocation situations, Gao Guofei asked the responsible person to conduct health management for the enterprise personnel, communicate with employees going back in advance, control the entrance, investigation, isolation and prevention of employees going back, resolutely avoid cross infection, strictly prevent the input of infection sources, and guarantee scientific and orderly work resumption.

Dong Yumin (Vice Secretary of District Committee and Acting District Mayor) visited Xixi Sub-district, Zhuantang Sub-district and Yunqi Town to investigate the work resumption situations of enterprises, and communicated with the responsible person about the influence of epidemic on employment, epidemic prevention schemes and material preparation situations in detail.

“Do you have sufficient epidemic prevention materials? How long can the masks in reserve work after work resumption?” In the Fifty-second Research Institute of CETC, Dong Yumin investigated the preparation situations and epidemic prevention material reserve of the institute before work resumption. After knowing that the enterprise made full preparations for work resumption, Dong Yumin pointed out that the enterprise should place epidemic prevention in the first place, submit to a higher authority for approval in time, conduct examination timely, and guarantee early work resumption.

Later, Dong Yumin visited Hangzhou Tobacco Factory of China Tobacco Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. to examine the implementation situations of epidemic prevention and control measures in the manufacturing shop. Dong Yumin pointed out that the enterprise assumed entity responsibilities in the aspect of work resumption, and that it should not only manage the attendance time of its personnel but also strengthen the personnel’s life management after work. Dong Yumin said, “Please contact the sub-district and district timely if you have any problem. Please guarantee absolutely safe work resumption.”

“Hi. Please clean your shoe sole on the disinfecting mat, and then take temperature.” In Hangzhou Allsheng Instrument Co., Ltd., the disinfecting mat place at the door attracted Dong Yumin’s attention. After knowing that the enterprise would register information and conduct disinfection for employees every day, Dong Yumin gave a thumbs-up gesture. Later, he leafed through the information register and employee commitment letter of the enterprise. After getting to know that the personnel met difficulties when going back for work, Dong Yumin said asked the enterprise to solve the problem as soon as possible. Once the enterprise pass the examination of work resumption, the enterprise should solve the fear of attacks from behind in enterprise development.

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