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Gao Guofei: Fully Guarantee Healthy and Stable Development of Enterprises Resuming Work


At present, Xihu District deeply implements the deployment requirements of the provincial & municipal party committees and governments, and transforms the energy from epidemic prevention to epidemic prevention and economic operation by starting from the overall situations of epidemic prevention in the district.

In recent days, Gao Guofei (Secretary of District Committee) visited enterprises to conduct investigation, and to know about the epidemic prevention and work resumption situations among enterprises. This afternoon, Gao Guofei visited Zhuantang Sub-district, Shuangpu Sub-district and Yunqi Town, and went to five enterprises including Hangzhou Branch of Zhejiang Yasha Decoration Limited Liability Company, Hangzhou Guoyi Luqiao Operation Management Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Bok Biotechnology Limited Liability Company, Hangzhou Tianshun Food Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Civil Defense Co., Ltd.

“Where are your epidemic prevention materials? We want to take a look.” In Yasha Decoration, Gao Guofei visited the enterprise warehouse, and examined the situation of epidemic prevention and control. In the enterprise warehouse, materials like surgical masks and disinfectant were piled in order, and this enterprise prepared all epidemic prevention materials according to the standards of work resumption. “Please store the disinfectant and ethyl alcohol separately, in order to avoid safety hazards.” When seeing that the disinfectant and ethyl alcohol were placed together, Gao Guofei warned the responsible person with sincere words and earnest wishes. Accompanied by the responsible person, Gao Guofei also checked the office environment and prototype room of decoration, understood the enterprise development situations and awards gained, and encouraged the enterprise to strengthen independent innovation, make persistent efforts and provide more excellent works for building industrialization in Xihu.

Guoyi Luqiao was founded in 2004, and mainly engages in businesses like highway investment, construction and highway equipment development. After the epidemic broke out, this enterprise continued to collect and analyze the information of vehicles entering the city, positively participated in epidemic prevention and control of Hangzhou. Gao Guofei visited this company, and listened to the introduction about enterprise development and vehicle information of belt freeway. Later, he also went to the dining room of enterprise and examined the implementation situations of epidemic prevention and control measures. He pointed out that the enterprise should take various epidemic prevention and control measures, and guarantee the life safety and good health of its employees.

“How many workers will go back?” “How about the sales volume of food produced?” When investigating Bok Biotechnology and Tianshun Food, Gao Guofei entered the manufacturing shop, to inquire the running conditions and personnel on duty after work resumption. In the shop where the machine noise roars, all workers wore masks, gloves and protection suits. After knowing that the enterprise resumed production, Gao Guofei said that food safety should be emphasized during the epidemic, the enterprise should strictly conduct temperature measurement and environmental disinfection, and the healthy and stable development of enterprises resuming work should be guaranteed.

In Hangzhou Civil Defense Co., Ltd., Gao Guofei examined the production environment, deeply communicated with the responsible person, listened to the introduction of enterprise development, and inquired the preparation situations about implementation of prevention measures and guarantee of material reserves in detail. Gao Guofei affirmed the achievements obtained by the enterprise during recent years. Then, he pointed out that we should actively serve enterprise production, help enterprises solve practical difficulties and problems, implement various prevention measures in detail, and help enterprises grow stronger.

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