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Dong Yumin Visited Gudang Sub-district to Investigate Work Resumption Situations of Enterprises


Yesterday morning, Dong Yumin (Vice Secretary of District Committee and Acting District Mayor) visited Gudang Sub-district to investigate work resumption situations of enterprises. He visited the Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art and Hangzhou Duiba Network Technology Co., Ltd. successively, and communicated with the responsible persons about the influence of epidemic on enterprise employment, preparation situations of epidemic prevention plans and materials, and so on. The district leader Ma Pinfang was present.

“How do you manage employees in other places? What difficulties do you have in operation? How long can the masks in reserve work after work resumption?” In the Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art, Dong Yumin inquired the situations of personnel going back and difficulties in production and operation after work resumption. Dong Yumin pointed out that the enterprise should assume entity responsibilities, conduct epidemic prevention and safety production with strict measures, and guarantee the good health of employees and safe operation of enterprises. Meanwhile, health monitoring for personnel resuming work should be strengthened, and employees’ physical conditions mastered comprehensively, epidemic prevention material reserves and personnel dining arranged properly, and epidemic prevention conducted solidly.

“Hi. Please show me your Hangzhou Health Code.” After presenting the health code and taking temperature, the group led by Dong Yumin entered Hangzhou Duiba Network Technology Co., Ltd. He examined the implementation situations of prevention and control measures of work resumption arrangements, epidemic prevention material reserves, staff information investigation and personnel on duty, and fully affirmed the orderly work resumption and epidemic prevention of enterprises. Dong Yumin pointed out that the current epidemic prevention situation was still severe, and work resumption of various enterprises and returning numerous employees brought about great pressure and challenges to the work of epidemic prevention and control. Enterprises should control various links of work resumption and prevention, arrange the work of staff information, epidemic prevention materials and safety production, and guarantee the life health of employees and safe development of enterprises.

“Please contact the sub-district and district timely if you have any problem. We will offer assistance at first time, and comprehensively guarantee work resumption of enterprises!” Dong Yumin said. He asked related departments to further serve enterprises, timely help enterprises solve various difficulties of enterprises in work resumption and epidemic prevention, and guarantee epidemic prevention and economic development at the same time.

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