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Xihu District Won Excellence Ranks in City-to-District/County (City) Comprehensive Evaluation for Consecutive Four Years


A few days ago, the municipal CPC committee and government convened the Municipal Epidemic Control and Improvement Promotion Conference & Style Deepening Construction and Comprehensive Evaluation Conference to declare the city-to-district/county (city) comprehensive evaluation details in 2019. The comprehensive evaluation results of Xihu District ranked second in the whole city and county (city) and won the excellence rank. Since 2016, Xihu District has won the excellence ranks for consecutive four years and become the only district/county (city) that won consecutive four ranks in the whole city for the past four years.

In this evaluation, Xihu District also won seven key difficulty-tackling awards of quality development action, reform difficulty-tackling action, “integrated three -izations” action, “development alongside the river” action, action for people's wellbeing, action for cultural prosperity, and action for merchant and investment attraction. Hereinto, Xihu District ranked first in the city and second in the province in reform difficulty-tackling action, ranked first in the city in action for merchant and investment attraction, ranked second in the city in “development alongside the river” action, action for people's wellbeing and action for cultural prosperity, ranked third in quality development action and “integrated three -izations” action, and ranked third, the historically best achievement, in the city in great CPC construction work. Last year, the District won 266 awards above the city level, achieved outstanding results in each work and generally maintained top in the whole city.

Looking back 2019, under the powerful leadership of district CPC committee and government, Xihu District tightly stuck to the fighting objective of building the top district with a well-off society, whole-district beauty and all-citizen happiness and promoted each key work at high level, quality and efficiency.

Make Progress in Steadiness in High Quality Development

In 2019, Xihu District realized the district GDP of 141.583 billion Yuan with 8.0% comparable price growth and 1.2% higher than that of provinces and cities, ranking third in the city. Xihu District completed the added value of industries above designated size of 7.059 billion Yuan with year-on-year growth of 14.4%, ranking third in the city. Xihu District realized the growth in fashion manufacturing industry of 41.9%, ranking second in the city. The comprehensive strength of service industry rank first in the district around the whole province and comprehensively rank third in the city.

Meanwhile, there have been 64 key projects with total investment of 46.1 billion Yuan and 63 key signing projects with total investment of 33.1 billion Yuan. The five 152 Project, including Zhijing Cultural Center, R&D Headquarter of Zhejiang Energy Group and Paradise Gallium Valley, started the construction and three projects were listed into Municipal Manufacturing Projects Above One Billion Yuan.

Show successive highlights in reform difficulty tackling

In the past one year, Xihu District achieved significant effects in the reform work with numerous reform characteristics and highlights and the provincial street NPC work and construction pilots were selected into Top Ten Practice Cases of Reform and Innovation in Zhejiang Province. Voluntary Service System Version 3.0 was approved and affirmed by Che Jun the secretary of provincial CPC committee. Yunqi Town Convenient Parking System was rewarded as Excellent Practice Case of Hangzhou Reform and Innovation. The municipal pilot task of “handling all the issues at one time” among authorities was successfully completed. Innovative breakthroughs have been made in the pilot work of grassroots chambers of commerce development reform. The county-level media integration reform maintained top in the province and city. The “one issue” reform of veteran retirement firstly realized “handling the veteran retirement related issues at one counter at one time within one day”.

“Integrated three -ization” action has achieved much 

Xihu District deeply implemented No.1 Project of digital economy and devoted to creating the Xihu example of “integrated three -ization” action. The core industries of digital economy have realized the added value of 30.93 billion Yuan and the operating revenue of 101.24 billion Yuan, with the growth rate of 20.4% and 39.1%, respectively. In Comprehensive Evaluation Report of Digital Economic Development of Zhejiang Province in 2019, the digital economy development index of Xihu District is 127.0%, ranking third among the 89 districts/counties (cities) in the whole province.

Development alongside the river is fully accelerated

With development alongside the river action entry into the fast developing stage, Xihu District powerfully implemented the 229 Project, focused on promoting the Nine Special Actions including planning preparation and improved the development pattern and overall quality of Zhijiang Future City. The key projects like Tongjian Lake flood control, drainage and storage project were carried out successfully and Zhijiang Greenway Shanhusha Section and Shuangpu Section were successfully built. Longwu Tea Town was successfully branded as 4A level Tourist Attraction and passed the check&acceptance naming of provincial characteristic towns. Throughout the year, there were 160 infrastructures and 40 industrial projects going smoothly and fifteen roads were improved and reformed, such as Zhipu Road Phase III and Liusi Road. Eleven ecological governance projects, such as upgrading and reconstruction of rural domestic sewage in Longwu Tea Town and upgrading and restoration of small and micro water bodies and rivers in Shuangpu Town. The construction of Zhijiang Cultural Center started comprehensively and the outpatient building of Hangzhou Zhijiang Hospital opened. The relocation project of Xihu No.1 Experimental School was completed.

People’s wellbeing warms up everyone inside

The home-based pension services were improved by building town and street level demonstrative home-based pension service centers and five pension service centers have been put into operation including Beishan Street. The comprehensive implementation of campus safety work of 56 primary schools (campuses) was promoted with 100% problem rectification rate. The reform of urban villages was promoted by completing the relocation of 905 households and the construction starting of eight supporting facilities. 40 rural domestic sewage treatment facility terminals were upgraded and reformed. The upgrading and reform work of five rural and family feasts was completed and the upgrading and reform work of four extraordinarily excellent food workshop building and seven safe farm product markets was also completed. The installation of 75 family lifts was completed.

Cultural prosperity cheers everyone up

The grades in civilized city establishment assessment ranked top in both municipal main urban area group and district/management committee group and realized triple champions. Waitongwu Village and Dongjiangzui Village Cultural Auditoriums became the first batch of five-star cultural auditorium in the province. The district media center was founded first, successfully rewarded the county-level media center Internet news information service permit of the province and became one of the first batch in the province and the first in the city. China (Zhejiang) film and television industry international cooperation zone has been built and put into use. Zhejiang headquarter of Himalaya company was built through contract signing. The eleven major cultural projects with total investment reaching 35.9 billion Yuan in Zhijiang Core Development were accelerated in development. Various themed cultural activities, such as China Digital Reading Conference, Zhijiang International Youth Art Week and the 4th China-Arab Forum, were successfully held.

Merchant and investment attraction has achieved outstanding results

The whole district has actually utilized the foreign capital of 702 million dollars with the completion rate of 108%. 36 personalized projects of municipal industry were attracted and 75 projects above 100 million Yuan were newly introduced. Three municipal Large & Good& Quality Projects and three Small & Wonderful Projects were assessed with four indicators ranking municipally first. The construction opening rate of 152 Project was 10% and the total investment in manufacturing industry over 1 billion Yuan reached 6.22 billion Yuan, ranking top in the whole city.

The three projects, including the industrialization construction of Yangshengtang Biomedicine (Hangzhou), were listed into Municipal Over-1-billion-yuan Manufacturing Projects while the three projects like CSIC marine information equipment and the three projects like Iluvatar CoreX were assessed as municipal Large & Good & Quality Projects and Small & Wonderful Projects. The centralized signing of four batches of 81 key merchant attraction projects was held with the total investment of 45.5 billion Yuan.

Great CPC building work maintained in the forefront

The district commission for discipline inspection has carried out 154 special supervisions on formalism, bureaucracy and three no’s to discover 75 problems and propose 46 rectification suggestions. The organizing department of district CPC committee carried out the activity of “showing achievements” of grassroots CPC building as routines and organized over 2,000 grassroots CPC branches to regularly carry out competitions combined with the construction work of “the Most Powerfully CPC Branch”. 152 CPC new economic and social organizations were newly built. Eleven town/street CPC service centers, 173 village/community CPC service center and 12 clusters of new economic and social organizations and industrial system service centers were built and put into use. The propagation department of district committee organized the district committee theory center group to study for 32 times, held 69 Xihu Lectures and 49,900 people to study. The unity department of district committee vigorously implemented the construction project of grassroots overseas Chinese connection led by CPC construction and carried out over 30 themed learning and training, such as non-CPC staff training course.

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