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Xihu Challenge Webcast Activity of “Walk Into Lanli, Work With Xuan’en” of “Xihu on Cloud” was Held


On yesterday afternoon, Xihu Challenge Webcast Activity of “Walk Into Lanli, Work With Xuan’en” of “Xihu on Cloud” was held in Xihu District to positively promote the production resumption and precise poverty alleviation. Through 5G network, we interacted with Xuan’en County of Hubei in real time on the site. Gao Guofei the district committee secretary and Liu Zhiyong the committee secretary of Xuan’en County delivered speeches. Shen Yanghong, Zhang Liqun, Miao Lingrong, Hu Zhirong, Ma Dongjuan the district leaders and the responsible persons of relevant departments of Xuan’en County attended.

During the activity, the licensing ceremony of “new economy and innovation alliance garden” of Lanli was held in Xihu District. The establishing ceremony of “Xihu District-Xuan’en E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Center” was held in Xuan’en County. The tourism and characteristic agricultural products of the two places were recommended.

As expressed by Gao Guofei, with the epidemic prevention and control situations getting better, the work and production resumption is in full swing and people’s life and economic and social development has gradually entered the normal routine. During the epidemic, depending on the pioneering advantages of digital economy related industries like cloud computing and big data, Xihu District has continuously developed a series of activities of “Xihu on Cloud” with accumulated views over 1.5 million. The holding of “Walk Into Lanli, Work With Xuan’en” is a brand new attempt to give full play to the advantages of the united front, widely gather consensus and mutually assist under the new situations. Gao Guofei shared his own feelings in three aspects. The first point is to draw the scenery with Yun and the scenery of Lanli is unique and wonderful. It is necessary to comprehensively arrange the three major spatial layouts of production, life and ecology and build the modern urban agricultural complex combining water scenery, villages and countryside. The second point is to connect everyone with Yun and both places work together to forge ahead. It is necessary to work with Xuan’en, recommend for Xuan’en, and deepen the cooperation and exchange in common industrial establishment, tourism development and other aspects. The third point is to unite with Yun and gather great power. It is necessary to unite and guide all the members, make every effort to promote the work and production resumption, and fully display the responsibility of the united front line in the new era.

Liu Zhiyong stated that, since the one-to-one alleviation between Xihu District and Xuan’en County, significant achievements in poverty alleviation have been realized in Xuan’en, benefiting from the help of Xihu District committee and government in policy, economy and other aspects, and expressed the sincere thanks on behalf of Xuan’en County. Everyone from Xihu District and all over China is welcomed to visit Xuan’en and try the delicious food, enjoy the wonderful scenery and listen to the stories of Xuan’en during May 1st Holiday. In the following link of tourism and agricultural product recommendation, Liu Zhiyong passionately recommended the products with Xuan’en characteristics, such as stilted dwellings of Tu Nationality in Pengjiazhai, Gongtong Community in Mount Qizimeishan National Nature Reserve, Mulongzhai Rice with Yuan Longping’s personal autograph “Good Rice with Natural Selenium for Better Life” and Wujiatai Tea.

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