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Meeting on Pandemic Prevention and Control& Flood and Typhoon Prevention Work was held in Xihu District


Yesterday morning, Meeting on Pandemic Prevention and Control& Flood and Typhoon Prevention Work was held in Xihu District to deploy the pandemic prevention and control& flood and typhoon prevention work in the whole district and propose requirements for the work in the next step. Gao Guofei the secretary of district committee delivered a lecture. Dong Yumin the deputy secretary of district committee and district head and other district leaders attended in the main meeting site. Jiang Yongzhu the deputy secretary of district committee and other district leaders attended in the branch meeting sites. The meeting was held in the form of video meeting and branch meeting sites were set in each town and sub-district.

Typhoon is the order and typhoon prevention is the responsibility. Gao Guofei stressed that it is necessary to continue to enhance the supervision warning, patrol check, staff transfer, placement guarantee, electricity protection, propaganda and self-protection. Meanwhile, it is necessary to do well in the work in the following four aspects. Firstly, it is necessary to offer the services well. Local towns and sub-districts shall deploy the temporary resettlement sites, complete the service guarantee work well, and ensure to transfer the staff as many as possible and as early as possible. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the details. It is necessary to extend from points to faces, start from perfecting each detail, defend and patrol well, make the targets clear, do everything steadily, and complete each defense job. Thirdly, it is necessary to strictly implement. It is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of provincial and municipal flood and typhoon prevention warning and prediction to ensure smooth command, accurate plans, adequate measures and responsibility implementation. Fourthly, it is necessary to ensure the safety. It is necessary to strictly and carefully carry out pre-flood safety inspection, especially the guarantee of electricity safety, prediction and alarming, adequate safety and prevention measures, and the battle against Typhoon Candu.

Gao Guofei stressed that the anti-pandemic achievements are difficult to get so it is necessary to precisely grasp the new tendency of current international and domestic pandemic changes, master the new requirements of central, provincial and municipal pandemic prevention and control, and maintain the current prevention and control achievements with powerful and effective normalized pandemic prevention and control. Firstly, the management and control of key personnel is of vital importance. It is necessary to further strengthen the duty shifts, keep strengthening the investigation and control of personnel coming to Hangzhou from middle and high-risk areas, pay close attention to external patient input, strictly implement the pandemic prevention measures, troubleshoot the rapid treatment requirements according to data and adequately treat as quickly as possible. Secondly, the management of centralized isolation sites needs to be detailed. It is necessary to strictly implement the requirements of various specifications for centralized isolation, strengthen the management of centralized isolation sites, practically complete the personnel control, medical observation, nucleic acid detection, life security and humanistic care, and ensure the safe, orderly, strict and effective operation of central isolation sites. Thirdly, the health construction system prevention needs to be strict. It is necessary to strictly take preventive and control measures in medical sites according to specifications, strengthen the management of fever clinics, strictly implement the pre inspection for dividing and first diagnosis responsibility system, carefully implement the closed-loop management systems of screening, observation and referral, and resolutely prevent cross infection and nosocomial infection. Fourthly, the management of cold chain food needs to be cautious. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the deployment requirements on strengthening the pandemic prevention and control of imported cold chain food, strengthen the risk prevention and control and supervision of all links such as the storage and sales of cold chain food, strictly prevent the import of smuggled cold chain food, and effectively ensure cold chain food to be safe food.

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