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The 3rd Xihu Craftsman Press was held


Yesterday afternoon, the 3rd Xihu Craftsman Press was held. Gao Guofei the secretary of district committee. Dong Yumin the deputy secretary of district committee and district head, Ye Weiping the director of Standing Committee of District People's Congress, Ye Ze the chairman of district CPPCC, Jiang Yongzhu the deputy secretary of district committee, Zhang Yueding, Qian Zhiqing and Hu Zhirong the district leaders attended.

Gao Guofei firstly expressed sincere congratulations to Xihu craftsmen and emerging craftsmen receiving the awards and high respect to all the laborers in all industries and fields. He pointed out that 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC as well as an important year for Xihu District to accelerate the quality development and comprehensively start the construction of the 14th Five Year plan. In the first half, Xihu District achieved a regional GDP of 93.41 billion Yuan, an increase of 14.8%, ranking the second in the city, won five consecutive merit awards in the comprehensive evaluation of City to District, and become the only district that won the merit awards for consecutive five years during the 13th Five Year Plan period in the whole city. These achievements are the results of the continuous struggle of all Xihu laborers day after day, as well as the results of all the craftsmen sticking to the front line and devoting themselves to research and development.

Gao Guofei stressed that it is necessary to undertake the glorious mission and major responsibility entrusted by the central government to Zhejiang for high-quality development and construction of a demonstration area of common prosperity, and achieve the development target of building the top district of demonstration area of common prosperity, which requires every laborer in the whole district to establish a good spiritual outlook, be proficient in work, be ingenious in mind and be qualified in behaviors, to contribute power and create wealth for promoting social development and progress, and to accelerate the common prosperity and progress of material civilization and spiritual civilization. Firstly, it is necessary to adhere to the craftsman spirits and strive to be the inheritors of craftsman spirit. As the laborers and craftsmen in the new era, everyone needs to understand and carry forward the craftsman gene and craftsman culture rooted in the blood of the Chinese nation, firmly adhere to the pursuit of ingenuity, firmly adhere to the target of becoming a first-class craftsman, work hard and forge ahead in our own posts, and practically serve as the successors and inheritors of craftsman spirit. Secondly, it is necessary to improve the craftsman techniques and strive to be the promoters of reform and development. Xihu craftsmen needs to improve their position, actively integrate into the overall development of Xihu District, replace the old techniques with new ones, pursue for excellence, and promote the unique techniques of laborers into the know-how of Xihu District’s excellence. It is necessary to implement the craftsman spirits into the specific work, keep exercising exquisite skills and reliable skills, and achieve more innovations. Thirdly, it is necessary to produce more craftsmanship products and strive to be the performers of top standards. It is necessary to target at the orientation of top district, affirm the top pursuits, and actually become the performers and spokesmen of top standards. It is necessary to compare to the internationally advanced, nationally leading standards, and make every effort to produce exquisite products with reliable first-class quality. It is necessary to make breakthroughs and pursue for excellence, and make new breakthroughs and major progress with higher standards and requirements. Fourthly, it is necessary to cultivate craftsmen and strive to be the models with excellent morality and techniques. Craftsmen should set models by themselves and keep teaching by words and practice, adhere to practical teaching and endless teaching, keep craftsmanship being handed down from generation to generation, and keep exquisite skills being inherited forever. All apprentices also need to treasure the study opportunities, respect the teachers, study diligently, study hard and make progress fast so as to actually become even better than their masters. District committee and government will keep powerfully support the development and growth of craftsmen, create favorable conditions and a good environment for everyone to develop their career and pursue their dreams by issuing accurate and powerful policies, building a wide and diverse platform and providing considerate and adequate services, so as to make the craftsman spirit become common in Xihu District.

At the site, the new lists of Xihu Craftsmen and Emerging Craftsmen were published. Three Xihu craftsman studios were founded and the ceremonies were held for apprenticing, cooperated propaganda of craftsmanship product signing and so on.

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