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The Site Meeting on Future Rural Construction was held in Xihu District


On the afternoon of September 24, the Site Meeting on Future Rural Construction was held in Xihu District to investigate the entrance hall plaque cultural park of Tongwu village of Zhuantang Sub-district, tongmiao ancient tree, Fan Shenghua intangible cultural heritage studio, cultural auditorium, cultural auditoriumof Changdi Village of Zhuantang Sub-district, online popular playground and Baihuagu handicraft park and specifically know about the future rural construction details. Subsequently, special meetings were held to listen to the report of relvant situations and propose requirements for the work in the next step. Dong Yumin the deputy secretary of district committee and district head, Zhang Yueding, Chai Wenle and Fang Hongqing the district leaders attended.

Dong Yumin first fully affirmed the achievements of future rural construction. He pointed out that, in future rural construction, each unit and department should think more deeply, supervise more strictly, perform more precisely and compare more fiercely and each job is worthy of fully affirmation. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to soberly be aware of the problems of insufficient overall planning and integration as governance end, insufficient sense of acquisition of common people as user end, and insufficient industrial projects as industrial end. It is necessary to keep overcoming difficulties and achieving more.

Dong Yumin stressed that it is necessary to complete the future rural construction well in the following three aspects. Firstly, it is necessary to give full play to each party and realize one unique construction project for one village. It is necessary to worker harder in digital life, and powerfully promote the development in aspects like digital health, digital education and digital retail. It is necessary to work harder in digital industries, do a good job in housing rental, and promote innovation and entrepreneurship through digital enabling industries. It is necessary to work harder in digital governance, promote the future rural development from three aspects, namely life, production and ecology, and keep improving the sense of acquisition and happiness of common people. Secondly, it is necessary to realize better results with joint efforts and plan for the new blueprint of future rural construction with wisdom of everyone. It is necessary to gather the power of government, three types of residents (local rural residents, new rural residents and rural residents who come back from cities) and industrial colleagues, give play to the government’s roles of top design and planning construction, give play to the subject roles of local rural residents, new rural residents and rural residents who come back from cities, and give play to the role of industrial colleagues. It is necessary to scientifically plan the future rural areas and combine traditional culture with modern elements. On the one hand, it is necessary to keep upright and maintain the traditional texture of rural areas. On the other hand, it is necessary to make the life of common happier through modern digital industry, digital governance, digital life and addition of new elements. Thirdly, it is necessary to keep exploring, gather the efforts of all parties, abide by integrity, innovate and promote work. It is necessary to comprehensively promote, complete the work in approval, development and application well, normalize the approval of seven scenes, complete the module development of future rural areas well, and conclude the demonstration experience for promotion application. It is necessary to abide by the principles, change the thoughts of managers and governors, focus on residents’ requirements, and consider the feelings of common people. It is necessary to innovate the development, expand the industrial development awareness, expand the village collective economy, increase the income of common people and promote the benign development of future rural areas.

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