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Centralized Signing Activity for Key Investment Projects in the Third quarter of 2021 and Centralized Commencement Activity of Major Projects was held in Xihu District


On the morning of September 25, Centralized Signing Activity for Key Investment Projects in the Third quarter of 2021 and Centralized Commencement Activity of Major Projects was held in Xihu District. Gao Guofei the secretary of district committee delivered a lecture. Dong Yumin the deputy secretary of district committee and district head hosted. Ye Weiping the chairman of district CPPCC, Jiang Yongzhu the deputy secretary of district committee and other leaders of the district CPC Committee, People’s Congress, government and CPPCC attended.

Gao Guofei pointed out that, since this year, Xihu District has focused on the main direction of economic development and continued to make great efforts in project construction to inject new vitality into district development. In the first half, the whole district achieved a GDP of 93.4 billion Yuan, ranking the second fastest growth rate in the city, and the added value of the core industries of digital economy was 39.25 billion Yuan, ranking the fastest growth rate in the city and winning the first place with high scores. The commencement of major projects and the signing of key projects in the third quarter continued the good momentum in the first half, will play the role of main engine in the high-quality economic and social development of Xihu District and will boost confidence and firm foundation for Xihu District’s target of ranking the first place in the whole year.

Gao Guofei stressed that, next, the whole district needs to insist on and keep struggling, work harder for the fourth quarter, complete the whole year tasks successfully and make efforts in four key aspects. Firstly, it is necessary to supervise the progress and accumulate the momentum for development. It is necessary to promote the quick and real commencement, check by shifts, closely track, keep promoting all the projects not commenced within the jurisdiction area, strictly adhere to the time nodes, arrange the construction period, work with specific drawings of work progress, promote ceaselessly, commence the projects as fast as possible and ensure the early construction and effects of projects. Secondly, it is necessary to attach importance to both quantity and quality and inspire strong kinetic energy. Each unit in the whole district needs to be fully aware the importance of projects, stick to simultaneous importance to quantity and quality and their increase, keep inspiring strong kinetic energy, clarify their ideas, take the initiative to plan, strengthen the reserve of high-quality projects, and accumulate well in quantity, aim at the trend, focus on the key points, realize the "double improvement" of project quantity and quality, target at the position of top district, adhere to the standard of top district, firm the pursuit of top district, and make every effort to create high-quality projects, benchmark projects and popular projects with reliable quality, first-class quality and people's satisfaction. Thirdly, it is necessary to serve exquisitely and create the optimal situations. It is necessary to wholeheartedly promote projects to be implement and commence, steadily complete the subsequent attraction, strengthen the whole life cycle tracking service, timely solve the difficulties and obstacles in project progress and construction, focus on creating the first-class business environment, environment a series of government-enterprise docking service system, improve the characteristic brands such as Shuangqian and Technology Eight Thirty, give full play to the carrier role of enterprise service platforms, make every effort to create the first-class environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and facilitate the enterprise expansion and development. Fourthly, it is necessary to work together and create a bright future. With the incomparable resource endowment advantages and major strategic superposition advantages, at present, Xihu District is focusing on the struggling objective of building the top district of demonstration area for common prosperity, seizing the opportunities, make progress with trends, and strive to edit a new chapter of high-quality district development. It is hoped that entrepreneurs in Xihu District will work together and sincerely cooperate with Xihu District for mutual benefits and win-win. It is hoped that more high-quality enterprises, high-quality projects, excellent entrepreneurs and innovative talent teams will choose and settle down in Xihu District so as to achieve success and realize dreams in Xihu District, this hot land of investment and development.

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