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Xihu District Held the Recital Concert to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and display the brilliant achievements gained by Xihu people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Xihu District held the Recital Concert to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in Xihu Culture and Sports Center last night. Gao Guofei (Secretary of District Committee) made a speech. Dong Yumin (Vice Secretary of District Committee and District Mayor), Ye Weiping (Director of NPC Standing Committee of Xihu District), Ye Ze (Chairman of District CPPCC) were present.

Gao Guofei pointed out that with the arrival of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we solemnly held the large-scale recital concert of “Pursue Dream for 100 Years and Sing in Xihu” with reverence and excitement, reviewed the stirring course with poetic prose, eulogized the majestic change with music, united and led all party members, cadres and extensive masses to persist in the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, and composed the chapter of promoting common prosperity with high-quality development. The Communist Party of China has pursued dreams for one hundred years, and the sparks of fire guide China to create a brilliant history. Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, great changes have happened to the land of Xihu. Especially after the reform and opening-up, regional economy has realized leaping development, the urban and rural appearances have become gorgeous, the happiness quality has grown continuously, and the society has been harmonious and stable. From “triple head” economy to “digital leadership”, from “pursuing food and clothing” to “overall well-off”, from “a thousand things to be done” to “innovation and entrepreneurship”, the strong power and unique charm of the good district are displayed.

Gao Guofei emphasized that the Communist Party of China realized its dream today; the party history guided Xihu to present vitality, and led us to wake up in ideas and deepen the foundation. We showed our sense of responsibility in “Double-Eight Strategy”, tried to the seize the strategic opportunity, built the key platform with high quality, developed characteristic leading industries, and displayed the responsibility and elegance of Xihu in the practical actions of “important window”. Besides, we did practical things, solved difficulties, practiced the original intention of serving the people, adhered to the idea of serving the people and problem orientation, and tried to benefit the people and enterprises with high-quality development achievements to the largest extent. Creating a new situation and starting up new businesses, we created the future of digital wisdom in digital reform, focused on the target of forming a “demonstration area, benchmarking area and leading area” in digital reform, established the advantages of digital creation, and made breakthroughs in overall intelligent governance. The Communist Party of China built a dream for the future, and “set an example” to compose a new chapter for Xihu. We should practically unify our ideas and actions in the new deployment and new requirements of the central government as well as provincial and municipal committees, accurately find the object location of Xihu in the construction of “a demonstration area for common prosperity”, and plan the specific paths and measures of common prosperity; we should practically enhance the sense of responsibility, consolidate the foundation, carry forward the advantages, improve weak links, strengthen weak links, accelerate high-quality development, advance digital reform, and fulfil various targets; we should deeply carry out party history education, consolidate the ideological basis of absolute loyalty, responsibility bearing and difficulty overcoming, and display the first-rate state, first-rate performance and first-rate style of Xihu army.

Before the concert, the participants also visited the large calligraphy art and photography exhibition and the thematic photographic exhibition of “Beautiful Village and Boutique Village” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

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