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The District Leaders Visited and Interviewed Grassroots Party Members


With the arrival of “July 1”, the district leaders visited various towns, sub-districts and communities, and comforted grassroots party members.

On June 23, Gao Guofei (Secretary of District Committee) visited Sandun Xining Community, comforted old party members, and sent the party’s care and warmth to them. Shen Zhensong living in Xinxing Community joined the party in May 1971, and is an old member in the party for 50 years. “I visited you on behalf of the organization, and expressed gratitude to you!” After entering the house, Gao Guofei sent the souvenir medal of “being a party member for 50 years” to the old party member, and extended his sincere greetings to him. After receiving the souvenir medal, the old party member was quite excited. Gao Guofei seriously listened to the old man seriously when he told his stories about joining the army, joining the party and attending work. They looked back the party’s brilliant course of 100 years. Gao Guofei thanked Shen Zhensong for his positive contributions made to Xihu District and positive effect brought to the society, and showed his high regard to him for his cautious and conscientious spirit. Later, he asked Sandun Town and Community to serve the old man actively, and care about his daily life. Besides, he wished the old man longevity and health, and hoped that he could continue to play a demonstration role and convey positive energy among the masses.

On the afternoon of June 28, Dong Yumin (Vice Secretary of District Committee and District Mayor) came to Waidongshan Lane, and visited the houses of old party members including Luo Changyuan and Yin Jingbo. They had a cordial talk with them, and inquired their life situations, physical conditions and life difficulties in detail; helped them wear the sparkling souvenir medal of “being a party member for 50 years”, and thanked the old party members for the contributions made to the party and country. Dong Yumin pointed out that old party members were loyal to the party and had the consciousness of serving the masses; the towns, sub-districts, communities and related departments should actively care about the old party members’ life, strengthen the caring force, exclude the difficulty and anxiety for old party members, deliver the party organization’s care and warmth to the party members, and help them fully enjoy the achievements of socio-economic development and lead a happy life.

On the morning of June 25, Ye Weiping (Director of NPC Standing Committee of Xihu District) visited Mingyue Apartment at Wenxin Sub-district, to comfort the old party member Zhou Zhongming. As the retired party member, Zhou Zhongming has given full play to the residual heat, and positively participated in community voluntary services. Ye Weiping held him wear the sparkling souvenir medal of “being a party member for 50 years”, listened to him talking about the unforgettable experience of following the party and devoting his life to the party, and inquired his opinions and suggestions about community construction. In the house of Li Genfu (difficult party member of Jintian Garden), Ye Weiping inquired his daily life and physical health, encouraged him to keep confident and live happily, and report to the community and sub-district timely when encountering any difficulty.

On the afternoon of June 24, Ye Ze (Chairman of District CPPCC) visited Gudang Sub-district to comfort the old party members and send holiday wishes to them. In the house of the old party member Xia Yizhong, Ye Ze had a cordial talk with him, inquired his physical conditions and life situations in detail, granted the souvenir medal of “being a party member for 50 years” to him, and thanked him for the contributions made to the party and people’s cause. In the house of the old party member Zhang Xingfa, Ye Ze had a long heart-to-heart talk with him. Ye Ze asked Gudang Sub-district and Community to care about old party members, put their matters in mind, solve problems for them, and make them enjoy the life of the new times.

On the afternoon of June 25, Jiang Yongzhu (Vice Secretary of District Committee) visited Kangle New Community of Liuxia Sub-district, to comfort the old party member Ji Xiaoquan. Ji Xiaoquan joined the party in 1959, and has been a party member for 62 years. After knowing that Ji Xiaoquan took a change for the better and held an optimistic attitude, Jiang Yongzhu granted the souvenir medal of “being a party member for 50 years” to him happily. After listening to Ji Xiaoquan talking about the past years and things after joining the party, Jiang Yongzhu thanked him for the huge contributions made to the development of Xihu, and wished the old man good health. Besides, he asked the sub-district and community to provide intimate services and guarantee the old man’s daily life.

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