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Xihu District Held the Advancement Meeting on Comprehensive Appraisal of the City for the District



Yesterday morning, Xihu District held the Advancement Meeting on Comprehensive Appraisal of the City for the District. The participants listened to the reports about the overall advancement situations of special work like key economic indicators, and raised requirements for the follow-up work. Gao Guofei (Secretary of District Committee) made a speech. Dong Yumin (Vice Secretary of District Committee and District Mayor) and other district leaders like Wu Xiangqian, Chai Guoqing, Shen Yanghong, Chen Yu, Gao Weixing and Chen Bailei were present.


Gao Guofei pointed out that all people of the district continued to consolidate the advantage and performance of “five excellences”, and advanced various jobs of comprehensive appraisal from the city as always; the key economic indicators made progress while maintaining stability, major work was carried forward solidly, and the learning atmosphere became increasingly thick; a solid foundation was laid for the whole-year work, and confidence was consolidated for Xihu District to strive for “six excellences” in comprehensive appraisal from the city. However, we should still keep a clear mind, fully recognize the situation, practically enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, center on the target, and spare no effort to sprint.


Gao Guofei emphasized that we entered the stage of comprehensively solving difficulties in comprehensive appraisal; the time was urgent, the task was heavy, and the responsibility was big; we should focus on six aspects next. First, we should manifest an attitude of “making progress”, and try to enter the front row. We must firmly establish the consciousness of striving for advanced positions, clarify the guidance of contending for first place, actively adapt to the new changes and new requirements of comprehensive appraisal, positively tackle new opportunities and new challenges, advance various tasks as soon as possible, complete the task with high standard, high quality and high level, and make Xihu District occupy a leading position. Second, we should establish the consciousness of “striving”, and positively take actions. We must gain the awareness of “sprinting”, seize the opportunity, actively communicate with the province and city, and timely master the assessment intention and trend; launch an attack actively, grasp the strategic opportunity of the construction for a demonstration area of common prosperity, and make efforts in major projects, important experimental units, policy support and financial support. Third, we should master the key points, present the advantages, and make up the short slab. We must focus on the target task, enhance the system concept, consolidate the foundation, carry forward the advantages, make up the short slab, strengthen the weak links, convert superiority into victory and short slab into breakthrough, and fully guarantee a high score. Fourth, we should persist in the “good” requirements, and win first-rate public praise. We must deepen the understanding, fully comprehend the assessment rules, stick to the highest job standards, explore more effective measures in improving the enterprises’ sense of acquisition, sense of happiness and sense of security, and win a good reputation and high score with practicability and true feelings. Fifth, we should clarity the “practical” orientation, and greatly increase the work efficiency. We must complete various jobs more solidly, practically and completely, and promote the increase of index and score with “practical” measures, “practical” workstyle and “practical” effect. Sixth, we should assume “strict” responsibilities, and join hands to advance bravely. We must establish a whole-responsibility chain, to strengthen the responsibility and convey the responsibility layer by layer. We must take actions actively, cooperate closely, and gather maximum working force to form “a game of chess” in the district, set up a good atmosphere of comprehensive appraisal, and strive for “six excellences”.

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