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Xihu District Held the Working Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control



Yesterday morning, Xihu District held the Working Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control. The participants listened to the notification for related situations of epidemic prevention and control in the district as well as the reports about the implementation situations of related work about epidemic prevention and control in various towns, sub-districts and units; raised requirements for the recent work. Gao Guofei (Secretary of District Committee) made a speech. District leaders like Chen Bailei and Qian Zhiqing were present. This conference was held through the video, and branch meeting places were established in various sub-districts.


Gao Guofei pointed out that the global epidemic situation was still severe, and the import risk and prevention & control pressure continued to increase under the influence of foreign epidemic situation. We should accurately master the new trend of epidemic changes at home and abroad, grasp the new requirements for epidemic prevention & control, and seriously learn the Working Draft of Zhejiang Province on the Emergency Response Mechanism for COVID-19 issued by the provincial prevention and control office; emergency response should be faster, information reporting should be earlier, source tracing should be more accurate, the control of risk areas and personnel should be stricter, medical preparation should be more complete, information distribution should be more truthful, the emergency security ability should be stronger. We must firmly build the defense line of “preventing import and controlling re-bounce”. We should rectify and reform problems strictly, especially in nucleic acid screening exercise, epidemic prevention and control work, and epidemic prevention and control work for school; implement various prevention and control measures more strictly, and practically implement the rectification measures.


Gao Guofei emphasized that we should pay high attention to the problems discovered by the city and district in secret inquiries and inspection, rectify these problems rapidly, and focus on the following four aspects. First, we should manage the centralized isolation points carefully. We must strictly and practically execute various standards and requirements for centralized isolation, intensify the management of centralized isolation points, practically complete various tasks including personnel control, medical observation, nucleic acid testing, living guarantee and humanistic care, improve the reporting, training, management and supervision mechanisms, and ensure that the centralized isolation points operate safely, orderly and effectively. Second, we should manage key personnel strictly. We must conduct key personnel management strictly, and especially guarantee the “14+7+7” management work for entry personnel and people coming to Hangzhou from medium-risk and high-risk areas; take full advantage of the “health code” to discover key personnel, intensify the examination for “three certificates” which are digital travel record, inoculation certificate and nucleic acid testing certificate, and guarantee that all people are inspected. Third, the prevention and control responsibility should be assumed practically. We must fully realize the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely overcome carelessness, strengthen the responsibility, implement the requirements of “three 100%” including code examination, temperature measurement and mask wearing, and execute the prevention and control measures seriously and strictly. Fourth, we should conduct supervision and inspection strictly. We must persist in problem orientation, continue to strengthen regular supervision, carry out key point supervision and “look back”, focus on weak links like code examination, temperature measurement and mask wearing, conduct closed-loop management for problems, improve the closed-loop mechanism of “self-inspection, supervision and rectification”, and guarantee that an actual effect is gained in supervision and rectification.

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